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silentstrumpet's Journal

---silent strumpet graphics
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silentstrumpet is a graphic community that provides icons, headers, and friends only banners. I, __barbwire, will make whatever I want, whenever I want. Mess with me and I will not hesitate to be a bitch, but if you're nice, I'm nice (generally).
01. CREDIT. Either put __barbwire or silentstrumpet somewhere in your icon keywords, comments, and/or userinfo. Click here to see how.
02. Don't fucking direct link (aka HOTLINK).
03. If you are taking something, COMMENT on the entry with the exact thing you are taking. No 'I took a bunch,' I want exact #'s; that's why they're there.
04. I would appreciate it if you only used my work on LJ, but if you use it elsewhere, please make sure I'm credited (silentstrumpet@LJ).
05. Don't edit my icons, even if they are blank. I made them a certain way, and I expect them to stay like that.
06. Do not ask for icons. If I specifically say 'I'm doing 5 requests' or such, then yes, you may ask; otherwise, I DON'T DO REQUESTS.
07. This should be obvious, but for those of you who don't know, NO STEALING or REDISTRIBUTING.

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